Faculty and Staff

Dr. Eric Tepe standing next to a herbarium exhibit featuring specimens from UC's herbarium

Dr. Eric J. Tepe

Olivia standing in front of snowy mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park
Collections Manager and Project Administrator

Olivia Leek

Current Graduate Students

Jacob imaging a specimen in the light box in the herbarium

Jacob Bryant, Graduate Student

Jacob is working on a taxonomic revision of the Solanum appendiculatum species complex. He is also an avid collector of plants and fungi.

Current Undergraduate Students

Katie Daniel, Student Worker

Katie is majoring in Biology. She has discovered a new appreciation for plants and their physiology during her time here. Katie is working on our backlog of bryophytes. Katie also expertly helps on repairing and remounting our vascular plant collection!

Michael standing in front of a castle in an open field

Michael Grandi, Undergraduate Researcher

Michael is a third year Biology major. He is working on repairing and digitizing Samoan specimens collected by Curtis G. Lloyd and handles specimens written in Italian or French. Michael has an appreciation for tropical plants!

Madison pictured with orchids in Krohn's Conservatory

Madison Winter, Student Worker

Madison is a senior majoring in Biology. She is a plant enthusiast and collector, with a strong passion for conservation in plants and animals. Her favorite genus of plants is Philodendron. Madison works on and leads the GLOBAL Bryophyte and Lichen TCN imaging and transcribing specimens.


If you are a member of the public looking to volunteer, please contact us!


Kyelle Corcoran, Student Worker
Natalie Detwiler, Student Worker
Grace Edmonston, Volunteer
Brian Fetsko, Student Worker
Amy Harmon, Collections Manager
Mairead Kennedy, Student Worker
Jacob Kreshavitz, Public Outreach Coordinator
Nathan Pack, Student Worker

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