Victor G. Soukup


Dr. Victor Soukup (1924-2019) was a chemist and an expert field botanist. Strictly on a volunteer basis, he spent over 30 years at the University of Cincinnati as Assistant Curator of the herbarium. While in this position, Vic spent his time caring for the collection and conducting his own research. He was an active member of the Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society. 


During his time at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Soukup spent up to forty hours per week volunteering at the herbarium. He spent much of his time restoring and caring for the collection. Over 4,000 specimens from the collection of Curtis G. Lloyd, previously mounted on brittle, non-archival paper, were delicately remounted by Dr. Soukup. These specimens will last for decades more, all thanks to his efforts.


Dr. Soukup was an internationally renowned botanical expert on spring-flowering plants such as Trillium and Jack-in-the-pulpit. He spent over 25 years conducting his own botanical research. While at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Soukup worked closely with the chemistry department to study the chemical components of seeds in plants such as Jack-in-the-pulpit. He has been credited with naming at least six plant species as well as discovering new species, such as Trillium parviflorum. Additionally, he collected local wildflowers and added specimens from across the globe to the collection.

Dr. Soukup receiving an award for his dedication of 39 years to the herbarium. He is pictured with Dr. Steven H. Rogstad.

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